Men These Days Are So Weak

My boss actually told me this last night and I was surprised at how much sense the points he said made.

I don’t mean that men these days should start going to the gym more. Pumping iron is not the problem.

No, why are men so scared of asking a girl out now. They’ll see a beautiful woman at the store but they won’t say a single word to her. Instead they’ll try to go home a find her on instagram. Then, after they find her page, they’ll stalk it for a little while until they work up the nerve to ask for her snapchat just to never ask her out on a date and probably end up ghosting her.

God forbid they cut the process and just talk to her when they see her at the store. God forbid they chance being rejected. God forbid they put themselves out there.

I might never know what it’s like to meet someone somewhere and get asked on a formal date solely because today’s generation is filled with boys looking for hookups rather than men looking for healthy long-term relationships.

Guys please take note:

If you see a girl in public and think she is pretty, let her know. Girls love getting compliments. Especially from strangers.

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