Why Am I Spending All My Paychecks Before I Even Get The Money In My Bank Account?

Okay so I’m still only a teenager so obviously I’m not gonna be the best at managing my money but I feel like all of the money that I’m getting in paychecks I’m promising to hand away to people before I even get the paycheck.

I feel like I got a pretty fat paycheck this week but I can’t help but feel like as soon as I get the money in the account I gotta pull it out to give to someone else that I owe money.

How am I a senior in high school that is already feeling affects of debt?

I already know that I’ll have to pay at least $200 just to put a dress in layaway for the homecoming dance coming up. I also owe my friend some money for doing my hair. I owe my sister a payment for buying her laptop. I feel like the payments are never ending. (AGH!!)

Hopefully this whole “owing people money” thing doesn’t last very long so I can start using my paychecks on myself like a normal teen. Literally, all I want in life is to be a normal teen…

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