I am way more than Unpredictability!

Social media platforms like Facebook has always suffered severe criticism for its versatility to adjust with the addiction of people all over the world. Trying to find out one good point of this technology other than gazing your ex’s extra-happy photos, the bus of my thoughts reached a desired terminal.


A lot many souls like me thank Zuckerberg to let them know what they were 5 years, 2 years, 1 year back. A lot others however think there’s nothing much fascinating to reach an old gloomy day at a local train when the present day is treating you with super-cars & air conditioners.

If this is what you think, stop reading this right here and dive deep into your neurons to recall your first day at college. Take yourself completely there when you had no idea about what you will become 7 or 10 years after.


Think about the strength of all those relationships you were so confident of that it once made you stand firm against your family. At that point, you’ll have the power to see all those things fade off. Just because you know the future.


Go to the places you once been to 5 years back. Sit upon the same sea-shore rock you sat then and just try to look upon how life has molded you.

Did you ever think of what you are now professionally? If you did, you are lucky. If you didn’t you’re even luckier. Life gave you a surprise gift and your hands unwrapped it unknowingly.

Someone thinks to be a doctor and comes out as a professional dancer, while the other aspiring soldier transforms into a movie director. Ironically if he would have been a soldier within, his passion would not have let him feel free.

“How are you?”, though is never the most important question.

“Who are you?”, is the one.

People might call this spin of life as unpredictability, but in reality it is.. YOU!

It is indeed so much fascinating to be surprised with certain happenings in life. It is so much important to move back the cursor of your story’s timeline and watch it all over again.

You will not smile over what you did. You will cry over the things which others did and you did not. Because this software in our brains is called The Human Nature.

Personally what i came out to be is cent percent different than what I was a year back. I smile over what I have become and laugh over the one I’ve left behind.

I want to smile, laugh again and again. That’s what I’ll call

A Roller-Coaster Life. What about you?

People often live with an aim to leave others confused, I live with a desire.

-bhaavan goswami

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