This is spurred by the things we try to do and what we go through before we take the first step toward achieving anything. It is the second guessing that makes us delay, or spurs us on to go ahead and achieve or makes us run back into our shell. please enjoy.

Sometimes it is cold,
And it is hot other times,
It faces us real bold,
It disrupts and gives uneven rhymes.

Some days are blue,
And it is bright on other days,
Its words are blunt but true,
One that we interpret in many ways.

Some nights are long,
And short on other nights,
It chokes hard in the lung,
When the dreaded is under lights.

It is the uncertainty of life,
As events turn tides,
It is the serenity absent strife,
Knowing progress is made in assured strides.

But even when it is the right vibe,
Facts ignored can unleash perdition,
Better to collect thoughts and imbibe,
A wisdom that is rooted in elation.