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If you find nothing wrong in the above poster, let’s talk.

There’s heated debate on pre-existing conditions in the US, in the UK however the debate is much more implicit and insidious. You have seen this yourself with Covid-19 creating somewhat of a second class citizen; anyone that is clinically extremely vulnerable and of course to fall into this category one needs to have at least one pre-existing condition.

What does it even mean?

What is the definition of pre-existing condition you might ask, yes that is a very smart question indeed yet completely irrelevant. Pre-existing conditions to common sense would imply any (health) condition…

Quarantined room door with visuals of a patient standing inside. On the door a paper reading “isolation in progress”
Quarantined room door with visuals of a patient standing inside. On the door a paper reading “isolation in progress”
Isolation between Sep-Nov 2018

There’s been an influx of content aimed at easing our collective times in quarantine. Some read positively and in hope that we will be able to feel the sunshine outside soon, others plead with you to acknowledge how challenging and difficult this has been and a fair number of them provide a general commentary on how life as we know it has ended, even comparing this quarantine period to the five stages of grief.

Before we go any further I must ask you to pause with me here, I will not say any of the above but if you are…

We think stories are fictional whereas they’re anything but….

A story is an account of something, an event, a tale, a narrative that sensibly outlines a topic. Stories are more than that, regardless of whether they are fictional or not they depict something far greater in every one of us; they depict our mindsets.

I have been crafting stories for the past two years (a little over…), stories from people on how an incurable diagnosis changed their life for the better. This might sound odd but I can never tell what genre these stories fall under, are they fiction because…

Hal Tarzo

If your life is perfect then scroll away, there’s nothing for you to read here…

…but if you’re like me then you probably have a gaping hole in your life, one that cannot be filled by any amount of stuff or experiences or even friendships. You go out, you buy stuff and you do things but that hole only grows deeper until all that’s left of your life is emptiness.

It’s not just you or me or that friend of yours who you think needs help but it’s all of us, only some of us recognise it. If it wasn’t…

London Zoo 2016

I had an amazing time but…what kind of person enjoys themselves looking at other beings caged behind bars?

The zoo is a strange place, I experienced it for the first time at London Zoo yesterday. The only other time I have been to one such place was in India where animals were roaming free in a safari-ish environment.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect except that I would get to see animals I had never seen in real-life before like the penguins, okapis and zebras. …

Caio Resende

The day I woke up at 4 in the afternoon I realised I needed to change my productivity habits.

This happened about two years ago now and no, I am not merely lazy but I do know I had to rethink my productivity.


Because I am chronically ill which means my body is always fighting me literally — I have incurable Autoimmune conditions where my body is convinced it’s constantly in war with itself (I would say slightly schizophrenic as well).

So how do you get productive let alone stay productive while living with a chronic illness?

Berkeley Public Library

When I was young and naive I thought once I was a ‘older’ I would be happy. When I was older and naive I thought once I was ‘independent’ I would be happy. When I became independent and naive I thought once I got ‘a lot more money’ I would be happy.

Clearly, I’m a flippin’ idiot.

If you’re asking yourself well why have you remained naive all throughout this time? that’s not what qualifies my idiocy but the belief in a concept that’s popularly recognised as happiness.

It wasn’t until two and a half decades had past since I gained experiential knowledge in this world that I realised, the problem isn’t of not being good enough to find happiness but the very illusion of happiness in it’s entirety.

“…if you’re going to invent, you’ve got to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. Anything new and different is initially going to be misunderstood. It will be misunderstood by well-meaning critics, who are worried that it might not work out. It will be misunderstood by self-interested critics, who have a profit stream connected to the old way. Either way, if you can’t weather this kind of misunderstanding and criticism, then whatever you do, don’t do anything new” — Jeff Bezos

This is something that has been weighing heavily on my mind for sometime now. I sit…

Tim Gouw

This is a real issue especially in the arts or creative sector where we feel threatened to share our ideas when they are in initial phases in fear of being stolen and ultimately owned by somebody else.

There are several opinion groups you can fall into, some that vow to protect your ideas from evil uninspired ones who are after you and others encouraging stealing as a prerequisite to be a good artist. …

All images in this post are sourced from the wonderful people at Buffer

I have never had a ‘proper job’ my entire life so far and it doesn’t look like things are changing anytime soon so speaking with the Buffer Community on different working style was an experiment I couldn’t refuse.

So that’s me summed up in a tweet. I must admit the bombardment of tweets from the community did overwhelm me a bit but that’s one of the reasons why I decided to write this post because communicating with a few hundred people in under an hour is almost impossible, at least to do it well so I’d like to take this time to elaborate on some of the unanswered questions and explore the themes a little further.

This feels like a simple enough question to answer at first but not if you’re someone who creates your schedule…

Bhavani Esapathi

Writer, Maker & Social-tech Activist working on antiracism, invisible illness and migration politics

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