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Since a lot of research has been done before building my brand name, I do not want anybody to suffer like me. Hence, I am here to guide you guys about the back links. It is seen that major problems, newbies face during the blog writing is the back links. They have no idea how to get a back link on blogs. It is a well-known fact that content is king. In the same terms, we can say that the links are queen. Traditional methods which are used to build links include article submission, directory submission, press releases and RSS submission.

Getting a back link:

Social media websites can be used to drive traffic towards our blogs. We can post the links of blogs on social media sites and can grab the audience for our blogs. Most of these websites allow us to add links and URLs on them. There are some websites which are easy to use and we can easily get backlinks on these websites. Some of these websites include in which people can learn about us as well as our content, serves the same purpose, likewise Dailymotion can be used to share and update a video, delicious can be used to find interesting items on the internet around the world, facebook can be used to connect with people easily and lastly Google+ is an identity service of Google which is also a social media site. All of these websites and many others can be used to add back links to profiles and blogs.

Vishnu Bhagat SEO Expert

This is a very vital element as the company needs to know that what’s being said about it in the market. It needs to track down all sorts of negative and positive comments about it and should respond promptly, shouldn’t erase comments or negative reviews about itself unless necessary and should usually discuss the matter offline with the respective customer on a one-on-one basis. Managing Reputation on social media is a tough job.