Update of Google Penguin 2.0

One of the biggest questions after upgrade Google Penguin is how to make visible your blog to get more visitor traffic without being penalized for breaking the rules of the search engines. The issue of visibility is very subjective; because there are many topics to write like people who write about them and those who are looking for these specific contents.

However, as there are many sites on the internet, it is understandable that some are easier to find than others. That’s why you get your blog visible should be a priority. It is no use creating high quality content if nobody visits because your site does not appear in the first choices of search engines.

First of all, create valuable content. First, create content frequently, consistently and quality. And this is certainly the first step for you to win audience and traffic to your blog. The content is what will make your visits remain true to your style and back again to visit. A site cannot subsist only with internal links; that requires, visitor traffic through its publications as guests on other blogs, interaction, feedback, and an excellent reputation.