Asterisk WebRTC Solution-When Browser-to-Browser Communication is All You need

WebRTC is a software solution that offers Web-based Real Time Communication. It permits web browsers to not only request resources from backend servers but also gain real-time information from the browsers of other users. WebRTC brings a defined API to JavaScript developers that enables the browser-to-browser communication. Also, integration of Javascript with API permits the access of microphone, headphones, and webcam to allow audio and video conferencing.

Asterisk is a VoIP platform and famous among WebRTC solution providers. Asterisk turns an ordinary computer into a feature-rich communication server. It ensures utilization of communication protocols with an array of successful apps built using this platform. Asterisk webRTC solution offers both audio and video web-conferencing solutions, with the feature of Swift data sharing.

Asterisk WebRTC solution also enables file transfer, live chat, or desktop sharing without the need of any internal or external plugins. WebRTC client solutions are exclusively supported by Desktop PC’s with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari 11, iOS 11, and Blackberry. At times, you may be asked to download the latest version for ensuring the seamless working of the customized WebRTC solutions.

Asterisk WebRTC video conferencing solution is widely used across enterprises for face -to-face communication among teams. It facilitates smooth performance with advanced recording features. It allows multi-party communication for establishing a real-time, in-person communication around the globe.

WebRTC works as a web-based phone that strengthens the communication with its advanced features. Some of the characteristic features of Asterisk WebRTC client solutions benefitting your business are listed as:

  1. Session Rehydration: It is the best feature of WebRTC solutions. It ensures session re-establishment when your browser loses network connectivity or server crashes. You can continue the session on a different device using a different network connection.
  2. Session Mobility: Due to power outage or any other circumstances you may have to switch between devices. Session mobility warrants user to switch conferencing session from one device to another on supporting a web browser.
  3. Screen sharing: You need not share the documents now when you can simply share your desktop screen. It saves your time and also you can easily highlight the points during the discussion which increases understandability.
  4. User authentication: Asterisk WebRTC video conferencing solutions address security concerns as well. It is done through OAuth2 from social media networks like Google or Facebook, SIP Registrars, LDAP using Enterprise Active Directory, customer application databases etc.
  5. Multitenancy: Multi-tenant feature allows serving multiple tenants simultaneously and allows easy customization and data sharing as well. Any smaller or larger company that has common access to the server can act as a tenant.

AsteriskService offers premium WebRTC client solutions that guarantee resilient performance. Our customized solutions enable you to monitor and troubleshoot the network problems. Our software solution is a completely web-based that doesn’t require any extra hardware, software or additional plugins.

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