The end of the Stock Market Era?

Every time I read one of those articles which says if you invested 100$ a month in the stock market for the past few decades it would be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions, I’m like let’s do it now or I ask my parents why didn’t you guys do it?

It’s true that the last few quarter centuries have made enormous wealth to investors but will this saga continue?

Let me share an example of India. Before the 90’s being an engineer was highly lucrative. The society would label you a genius, shower you with respect and love. You’d also make sick dough compared to the rest of the imbeciles.

This inspired millions of parents to enforce their children to become engineers. Butchering artistic, athletic, creative or any other aspirations. The result was a terrible incident of herd mentality gone wrong.

Unless you’ve got connections, a great university name or are truly exceptional you’d have to struggle to bag a 200$ month job. It’s a country where engineers drive Ubers and deliver food. All this due to a simple reason supply — demand.

How does this example relate to our stock markets existential discussion?

Its simple history doesn’t repeat itself. Change is constant and that’s a universal law. Even our galaxies and superclusters gonna go ham in due time.

As of today, the stock market is a cartel controlled by the regulatory bodies, large funds with an expensive entrance ticket provided by your’s truly overrated investment banks.

Why do companies still plan IPO’s? especially startups? — To exit their positions.

The whole point was to provide capital to companies and opportunities for investors.

Let’s be honest when Uber does it 100bn$ valuation IPO why would you buy it? It’d have to reach 1trn$ market cap for you to just make 10x of your money. That’s just too much to expect from any company and as an investor, it’s not a good bet. If there was a great time to risk your money and believe in the company it was way back when it was worth millions. The VC’s made sure to eat that pie.

This analogy will stand true for most companies existing and entering the market, you’re just too late to the party.

Crowdfunding, especially equity is upcoming and will eventually break through. What if you could get in on Uber when it was worth 1 million $ or 
10 million $? You could make a killing. Same goes for all the great startups which struggle to raise money from investors. It’s a win-win.

The thugs such as regulators, investment banks, several agencies, publications, etc will be disposed of. Their worthless existence shall be terminated for good. They gonna fight and they will not give up until
they’re done and dusted.

So in this war which will eventually lead to reforms and change of landscape, my giveaway is to not waste your money in the stock market anymore for the long term especially when every few years they crash and psyche the fuck out of you.

It is certain that the future will be a place where one can sit at home and invest his money in best and the brightest ideas of the world. A place where one right backing will change fortunes and a time where these crooks are replaced by newer ones. At least the joy of their obliteration will make us glad like it always has.