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Although there’s a few ways to make a BLACK FOREST CAKE, there’s just simple steps to follow. So grab a all purpose flour, and grab your favorite bowl, and let’s walk through the process.

  • Dry ingredient's. Add your flour to a sieve, and sift the flour over a bowl. Add coco powder, baking powder, baking soda and sieve again.
  • Wet ingredients. Take another bowl and add Butter, Mittai Mate and Vanilla essence. And Wisk them nicely.
  • Final Step. Mix half portion of dry ingredients to the wet ingredient bowl and some milk and mix it well. after add other half portion of the dry ingredients to it and some milk and mix it well. The Cake batter is ready.
  • Put the batter in a cake tin which is greased with butter and flour. and Placed it in the oven for 25min at 180 degree.
  • Take the cake and cut it in 3 layers and layer them with whipped cream and dark chocolate shaves.

And your BLACK FOREST CAKE is ready to eat.

About the Author: BHAGYASHREE KADWE.

Student, Baker by Passion.



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Bhagyashree Kadwe

Bhagyashree Kadwe

Pursuing BAMMC Degree. Learning Digital Marketing. Baker by Passion.