Week 2 Observations

Tuesday: I went to the commuter lounge, and I hear, well nothing. The entire lounge was silent but packed. Everyone was eagerly studying to get a good grade on their upcoming midterms. Some people occasionally got up and talked with people who seemed stressed and they had a little conversation with them to ease their tensions.

Wednesday: People were still at work but it was much more lively. More people had been going home to rest as it got around 2. I talked with one of my friends, Kevin, and he was so relieved that midterms were over and he can’t wait to just chill with other commuters. He was super relieved because he knew his mom had high expectations for him, and he scored well! (He’s my best friend so I was super proud of him).

Thursday: I was riding the bus home and I ran into my friend, who also commutes from an apartment off campus. He was super stressed, even a week after his midterms were over. He was frustrated that he didn’t have enough time to study since it took so long to travel to and from his apartment. He also didn’t want to be all alone studying at Coffman, so he would go home when others were heading home. He was also very frustrated with the fact that he had to get groceries the night before his test because he had run out of food.

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