On Justin Trudeau and fawning over male politicians

At this moment the internet is a stupid Labrador rolling around in the farm sewage that is Trudeaumania.

It turns out we have absolutely zero chill when it comes to great hair. Great hair on a head that grew up eating lunch with the queen, because he is the son of renowned pantsman and former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Baby Daddy with Daddy Daddy

Here in Australia, the Daddy effect is being felt strongly by our new PM. Woman are shifting their support to Malcolm Turnbull in droves, apparently because they want to be ‘ravished by him’.

This would all be a delightful diversion if it didn’t perfectly capture how men physically embody power and how depressingly stupid we are as a species.

No matter what they look like, women in politics are treated badly. Hot women aren’t deified, they don’t get hashtags and they certainly don’t acquire electoral power. They are often assumed to be dumb or have slept their way to the top. They are critiqued for beauty routines and plastic surgery because women can never possess the natural allure of a Justin Trudeau. Inevitably some twerp will start a demeaning reddit thread about them. The only hot women who defy this rule are in the movies.

But it was the not “hot”, yet worthy female politicians I thought of when #Trudeaumania happened. It was the people who do their homework, who always come prepared and who never get this kind of validation.

The world is already hugely weighted towards beautiful men. It makes sense in fashion, music, TV and movies. But when I see many many otherwise discerning people fall in a frenzy because of the hair an already hugely powerful dude — whose power is a birthright — I am forced to conclude the entire world is still stuck in high school.

The hot jock will be fine without your lust. Don’t hand him that power he didn’t earn. Focus on the girls who want to do the work.