I made NASA’s beautiful “Visions of the Future” art collection available on graphic shirts.

Yesterday I came across the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Visions of the Future collection. They are brilliant and cheeky pieces of nerdy retro art. And the most amazing part to me was that NASA gives away this art for free. The JPL Image Use Policy makes it explicitly clear that may be used for any purpose without prior permission.

Then I remembered that I am involved in an artistic apparel startup Threddit and this is a perfect marriage. So I created a Threddit store called SpaceWear. Even though I am allowed to sell these images for full profit, Threddit is going to pledge $10 from every sale for donation to a publically beneficial space and science organization. Anyone who buys a shirt will get to vote on which organization gets the money.

Threddit produces high-end printed garments, made to order. Place your order today and these will be printed on demand and shipped to you within a few days. Threddit makes absolutely no compromises on apparel quality and print quality. It really is the perfect canvas for this art. I am excited to get a couple of these myself

Hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions about this.

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