-My Desk Area-

Chapter 6

So this weeks reading of Guide To Graphic Design was interesting to me, even though I was actually listening to it using the my arts lab etext. I enjoyed hearing about the various ways to spark creativity and generate ideas. I definitely thought brainstorming was a pretty Basic way of looking at generating ideas and because it is something that we have been told to do since we have been kids in kindergarten. The method I really enjoyed was a random word technique because it kind of goes along with what I am learning into design right now but also is an interesting approach to getting that starts you need for your project. I did however laugh when it talked about thumbnails because all of my professors say it never leaves. A cool quote I really enjoyed from the book stated:

“feeling the excitement of creativity is why we choose to become designers in the first place.”

You can find this on page 127. Just beginning in the chapter it starts to talk about making A creative work environment, this was interesting to look at to see the different pictures on the page but also I started to look around my bedroom/Office and to see the different things that inspire me and it pants my creativity everyday,. I am not obsessively clean but I’m not messy either you can find various projects around my office along with motivational phrases written on different colored sticky notes on my wall surrounded by the different lanyards and awards that remind me of the achievements I’ve made over the years. The different things I keep around my room are reminders of all the places got us taking me, since I’ve I let him into my life. This was a great read I really enjoyed what i read and what it made me start thinking about.

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