Council moves forward with effort to rezone site of proposed Sherman Industries concrete facility

Site of proposed concrete batching plant: 3240 Fayette Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35208

Following a brief discussion, the Birmingham City Council unanimously approved a resolution to initiate the rezoning of the property where Sherman Industries has proposed to build a concrete batch facility.
The issue has been a focal point of Council discussions in recent weeks after it became known that the company applied for an air pollution permit for the property through the Jefferson County Department of Health. Sherman Industries is looking to move their facility from downtown to Five Points West, an issue that Councilor Steven Hoyt has been vocally opposed to.
The resolution that was passed on Tuesday will initiate the process of rezoning the property from Industrial to Mixed Use High. According to representatives with the Office of the City Attorney, a public hearing will be held at the appropriate time.
“This is just the start of the process of rezoning this property and I think it’s important that the Council supports this effort. This is about doing what is right.” Hoyt said. “I appreciate the Mayor and my colleagues for supporting the wishes of the people in District 8 and the surrounding area. It’s important we address these issues of environmental racism head on and not defer our moral obligations to speak up for the people whose lives will be impacted by this.”
Hoyt, who is the chair of the Council’s Planning and Zoning Committee, said the City will continue to go through the standard process of rezoning following the passage of the resolution, though there was no timeline immediately available.
“I just want people to know that we hear you and we are here for you,” Hoyt said. “And today I think we’ve made it clear that we intend to fight this with everything we have.”