District 7 Update: 13 Residents Apply For Vacant City Council Seat

As of 5 p.m. on September 11, the Birmingham City Council has closed the deadline for residents of District 7 to submit their applications and resumes to fill the vacant City Council seat.

In total there were 13 applicants. They are listed below.

Gwendolyn Calhoun

Gibril H. Davies Jr.

Wardine Alexander

Marcus King

Charles Crockrom Sr.

Dr. Gertrudis A. Hunter

Robert H. Young

Lonnie Malone

Raymond Brooks

Walter Wilson

Theodore Smith

Jameania Ravizee

Jeffrey Rowser

The seat was officially vacated by Jay Roberson on September 10.

According to the Mayor Council Act:

“Vacancies in the council shall be filled by the council at the next regular meeting or any subsequent meeting of the council, the person so elected to hold office only until the next election of any kind in which the voters of the city to which this Act applies are qualified electors, at which time said unexpired terms shall be filled by said electors in accordance with all provisions of law applicable to such city; in any event, the person elected shall hold office until his successor is elected and qualified.”

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