What it means to be a Freelancer?

I have worked on architecting and building scalable web applications for more than four years; mostly as a full time staff under a company and partly as a freelancer in some projects. The joy of working as a freelancer is far more better than working as a full time staff both for your personal and professional level.

What would you do if you are assigned with a work that is not intriguing you while working as a full time work? To me the answer is getting bored and constantly working on the same thing even you lack enthusiasm. This will eventually hamper both; you and your company as you can’t deliver the quality you could provide.

On contrast, you have your own choice over involving into the projects that always interests you in freelancing jobs. This will eventually make you a better engineer. Furthermore, the quality of work you provide to the clients is the asset you will always carry on; as clients provide good feedback. Additionally, as a software engineer you want to be known globally which is possible through freelancing, as clients, contractors can view your profile globally.

Freelancing platforms like Topal, Upwork, Freelancer has helped freelancers grow their career, live better life and known them globally.

Conclusively, topal like platform helps to join Software Developers Network which not only helps to connect to best software developers in the world with clients but also helps other software developers know the latest trends that is happening in software development and keep developers up-to-date with new technologies.