4 Big Data Myths- Busted!

Big Data has gained popularity by popping up again and again in the media, social media and conference rooms. Since big data is such a huge topic, it comes with various misunderstandings, expectations and also confusion. Big data is a “big” discussion as it is that approach which allows any organization to make decisions in such a way that no other solution can offer. Here are some of the most common myths related to the bog data and the why they are absolutely wrong:

1. Big Data is a Waste of Money: Like any other tool, the value which you expect from big data completely depends on the way you use it. If you think having a few servers and connecting them to Hadoop is all you need to get the desired results, then you are completely wrong. Third party warehousing and analytics is the actual solution to fulfill all your business needs.

Also, when used properly big data can smartly help you to influence other systems so that they can take better decisions which will ultimately lead to higher return on investment.

2. Big Data is all about size: When you only talk about size and speed of data don’t you think you are missing on something more important? Yes, data gets bigger and more complex every day. At times you also collect the data which you have never collected before; just in case you need it later as data storage and processing is cheap.

But having more data does not mean that you have good business value. The employees are still the most valuable assent any company can own. But now the question arises what can you learn from your data that would change your business? The smartest thing which IT can do is to work with the business and figure out the ways to determine in what way the answers to new questions can help in the betterment of the business.


3. Big data requires a data scientist: Yes, data is your most precious technology asset, and the skill to manage the data well in order to get good value is an important process. But it is not required to hire a professional to perform these activities for you as you can perform them on your own too.

All you need to do is to make sure that everyone in your organization has the data which is required to perform their job well. And big data is not even required by everyone in the organization so this process is anyways not that complicated.

4. Big data needs a system like Hadoop: These days there are many technologies which help you to deal with data and Hadoop is one of them. They offer great help but you do not need a tool like Hadoop every time to solve your every problem related to the data.

It is important for you to recognize data disparity as your data is never going to be located in one place. You just need to go the data warehouse if you want to have access to all your data. And with the addition of big data architectures and cloud, today your data may be available in even more locations than before. The most important thing is to have the skill to bring data together from various sources so that you can solve any business problem or can even tell a story about a customer.

Adoption of big data is already in process, but these kinds of myths will occur unless the organizations who are planning to adopt it will educate themselves about big data and its benefits through internet or by consulting a professional. Those who believe in these myths and are keeping themselves away from the big data are committing a huge mistake and those who have accepted it are enjoying its benefits.