5 Critical Requirements for a Future-Ready Contact Centre

Do you think that your contact centre has the ability and flexibility to support new paths of customer communication? Are you easily able to add a new channel to it? If not, then your infrastructure is based on outdated technology but today the expectations of the customers have increased with so much advancement. They want more than phone calls. They want the agent who answers their call to know they’ve already sent an email and engaged in web chat. They even ask you to improve resource utilization and reduce costs.

  1. Step beyond multichannel: If you started your contact centre as a voice-only call centre, then you may have added web chat, email and other required channels but your infrastructure may not have allowed you to add many new channels. To do something different from your competitors, your centre not only required multichannel, but omnichannel. This way you will be able to create the perfect setting for highly satisfied customers.

2. Distribute work from a single point: Are you able to manage all the conflicting needs in your contact centre at the same time? It’s a never-ending and a stressful job. But a single decision engine is the solution to all your problems as it can manage all customer interactions. This way you will be able to create business rules which will serve your business at their best. With every new contact added, the needs of the customers are matched with the best available resource.

3. Virtualize your resources: Most of the companies these days are spread across various sites with many branches with each branch having its contact centre. There may be branch offices where the employees are really busy at peak times but are completely idle during off-peak periods. What if you pull the resources which are available at all the locations as required? It will be a great way to meet service levels.

4. Manage offline work: It is important for the agent who is answering the call of the customer to have the knowledge of all the previous interactions, so you cannot depend only on phone call, email or web chat. Offline work is needed to be updated for this. Your agent may perform his best but if your back-office work is not up to the mark then the customer may remain dissatisfied. You can ensure complete follow-through and can successfully manage a positive business outcome by integrating customer contact with back-office fulfillment.


5. Optimize your workforce: If you are dealing with a large number of agents then maybe you are using a Workforce Management Solution for agent scheduling. You can also use WFM which us a tool in your toolbox and is responsible for optimizing agents and the customer experience.

It’s the right time to figure out if your current contact centre solution is flexible enough to provide superior customer journey? If not, then a modern customer service organization should be built on a modern technology instead of old-fashioned one.