Why I want to attend Holberton School

People have dreams some are fulfilled and some ain’t. As a child i also had a dream, dream wasn’t too big, yet wasnt too small either. I wanted to make a difference to society, but life has its own rules. My father’s business ran into sudden loss and I had to support my own survival and earn my own lively hood from the age 16. So in spite of getting good grade I had to choose commerce stream as no bank would give me education loan and there was no family funding for me to study science. But in the process I enjoyed my job and studies. I had become the best salesman and got 4 promotion in my first job. Later I changed my job and joined a Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd. After leaving Hurix over a coffee with CTO of Hurix we were discussing an idea and which took grew and we started Bridgelabz.

Bridgelabz worked with companies to hire fresh graduates and transforms them to industry ready hard-core developers. Graduates worked on live start-up ideas at Bridgelabz and joined the company as a confident coder in a technology the company chose. Since we had a lab environment the company can start with one engineer. I am heading the business and am a founding member of Bridgelabz. Later I realised that my dream to make a difference could be fulfilled through becoming a full stack software engineer and mentoring the fresh graduate to become succesful coders.

While I was wondering how can a guy with no science background become an engineer, I came across an article on zdnet which turned out be the light that I needed to guide me further, the article enlightened me that anyone can become a fullstack engineer. This gave me a reason to relive my dream. The very next moment I knew my destination is Holberton school where I would not only be trained by the best in the industry but would get a holistic development.

All I can say is the becoming a full stack engineer through Holberton school is the only way to live my dream some time we just need to connect the dots, me working at bridgelabz, reading the article, getting help from Slyvain for my test, makes me feel I am destined to study here and become a full stack engineer from Hoberton School but life is about what we feel but its about how we deal.

I fulfilled all the challenges in 2015 only to realize that Holberton school did not provide i20 for international students. I was upset and was feeling down but I never lost hope. I worked hard got a student visa for USA did my MBA found my love of life got married got the green card and again trying to start my journey with Holberton

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