Dream Destinations!!

I am always curious to know about people around me. I find ways to understand them in every small thing they do, talk and dream to do. One of the techniques I found to know about any person is to ask them where would they go in the world if they were given a chance. Different people give different answers which are directly related to their interests. I will also tell my dream destinations which might help them to know more about me. These destinations of mine were same for a very long time. Here in this article, I want to share this list with all those who want to know more about me.
 Imagine you are in an open tent, camping in a wide ground of snow. Sometime in the midnight, for all your excitement you see lights of different colours dancing in the sky. Sometimes it appears like a river floating in the sky, sometimes it is like a swirling sword and sometimes it is like a mysterious island. It is a heaven visible from the earth. For anyone who had seen this phenomenon, it will be an experience that cannot be described with words. How great that feeling would be!! How cherishable that moment would be!! I want to experience that phenomenon. I want to be there to look at that beauty in the sky. And yes!! I am talking about Aurora, one of the beautiful things which one can ever watch in their lifetime. 
I have always been a space enthusiast. A dreamer who would love to look at the sky and enjoy every single detail. I feel that it is the most beautiful and mysterious thing one could ever enjoy.

Example of how a Aurora looks like

Look at that beauty. Who on earth would not wish to experience this phenomenon? Aurora, also known as northern lights (aurora borealis) or southern lights(aurora australis), is one of a natural phenomenon that occurs when solar winds hit the earth’s atmosphere. This collision leads to the excitation of earth’s atmospheric particles to emit the lights of different colors. This occurs at magnetic poles of the earth and seen mostly in the colors of red, green, blue and violet. 
Best places to experience this phenomenon are northwestern parts of Canada, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Northern parts of Norway and Siberia. And the best time to visit these places would be in winters. These places should be far away from cities to avoid any sort of light pollution.

Here comes the next travel destination of mine. Imagine yourself walking on a sand where the tides are touching your feet at regular intervals, silvery moon showering the very soft light, the pleasant sky to enjoy the mystery. This imagination of any beach itself will make me lose myself. For me, beaches are one the most peaceful locations on earth. If I were given a chance, I would select a place on a beach for my graveyard. And that would be a place where actually my soul would rest in peace.
I am not comfortable moving in a large crowd. I feel that I am being observed in everything I do. Looking the countries with best beaches and very little tourists visiting, Caribbean islands are the best places to visit. White sand beaches, migratory birds, most suitable temperatures and coolest citizens of the country makes this place a paradise on earth for beach lovers.

Pink Sands, Bahamas

There are at least 200 beaches which would fall into the category of best beaches in the world. A land of 7000 islands and none falling in top 20 most visited beaches in the world, the Caribbean would be the best place for me to visit in the world. Except for the time it expects hurricanes, it is always offering a good to the best climate with the temperatures ranging from 24 to 29-degree Celsius. Although food habits might make my life little difficult there, beaches and walks would make me happier.

These are the two dream destinations where I would like to travel in the world. I do not know if there is any connection between these two choices I made. I do not know what assumptions people would make on my these travel destinations. But these are the first two priorities to visit given a chance on any day.

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