Why medium doesn’t allow India to be on the Medium Partnership Program?

The title of this article is actually a question from me for medium.

I am an avid medium user and to be true I like its content. Recently, I thought of creating an article on medium and I came to know about Medium Partnership Program.

I was cherished by the idea and vision behind the Medium Partnership Program. Hence, without waiting even for a minute I tried to apply.

After clicking join the medium partner program I was directed towards payment setup page and I chose “An individual outside the US” as I am from India.

As soon as I clicked on set up payments on Stripe I was redirected towards Stripe payment Auth page.

The country option of this drop-down menu startled me as there was no country option as India.

Below the drop-down menu, there is a line “If you don’t see your country, let us know you’re interested.”

Disappointment from stripe and medium.

Following my curiosity, I clicked over “let us know you’re interested” to see if I can get any help.

Stripe’s global page.

For a fraction of seconds, I was happy to see that India’s section on the world map is highlighted. I thought that stripe might have an option for India.

But as I scrolled down it came to my attention that stripe isn’t actually offering the services in India as for now. But they have a “request an invite” section where they’ll ask for your email and might notify you as soon as they launch.

Stripe global page.

So my question is why medium doesn’t use any global payment solutions like PayPal or something like that?. I believe that medium has strong user-base from India and they aren’t paying attention to this part.

Medium should pay attention to their payment part. End of the rant.