India, Uttar Pradesh Meat Ban — Crisis is unfolding , really?

Once in a great state somewhere on earth, 1000 people lived.

All did something good for living.

But 1 of them found simpler way of robbing people for living.

5 others started the same.

20 others started the same.

200 others started the same.

500 others started the same.

When King got to know about this, he started catching hold of thieves, 1st thief caught said “I was the last one to start robbing, why don’t you catch the 1st one who started”.

What wrong with the above argument is what wrong with people who are in meat ban strike against latest formed Uttar Pradesh government.

500 people doing wrong in above example cannot be let go because it will hamper and endanger their lives.

Similarly, for the good of state the closing of illegal abattoirs and unlicensed butcher shops cannot be said wrong.