Enjoy the Sunset, Forget the Rest

A simpler translation is — the only real is now.

The thought, the books, the music, the people, the theories — different paths and methods converged to a single conclusion — life is lived only in the present.

Being in control of your life is an illusion. At best, we can only control our actions and reactions to something that happens to us all — life.

We go on vacations, numb our minds with substances, get hooked to mental pleasures, take sabbaticals or hibernate in our search for these meaningful moments in life.

Mindfulness doesn’t ask you to do anything special — just be where you are and be more aware.

You don’t have to change yourself — be wherever you are and do whatever you do with mindfulness. Just be there, now.

What if you practice mindfulness even for 1 minute everyday — you have 365 more meaningful moments of life.



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