How an Uber driver helped me rethink the art of saving money

For someone in their late 20s, the time couldn’t be any apt to build a saving habit. My goal isn’t to build a retirement fund — it is simply to build better money managing habits.

Before I could reach home, the conversation had already taken many turns through the mindset of a man who clearly had it figured out — the crucial art of saving money

Takeaway #1 : Starting Small

The little ‘wins’ that we feel in our heads are a huge booster in motivating us to build any habit in the longer run. Step by step goes a long mile.

Takeaway #2: Getting Enough Motivation

Saving money becomes a habit when you set achievable targets. Positive feedback loops are important.

Takeaway #3: Being Consistent

Even if you have ‘cheat days’, make sure that they don’t turn into cheat weeks or months.

An Uber driver had shared his approach for making his money work for him. It wasn’t anything special or genius, but it was simple, effective and clear.

These lessons may sound obvious — but even the best of planners and thinkers sometimes need an external ‘nudge’ to build their confidence and clarity again.



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