Hey designer, are you working for the right company?

Are you passionate about designing creative & usable Interfaces? If you are working with the wrong people in the wrong place, you will end up creating bad designs or even worse! It doesn’t matter how much talented & how many skills you have.

“Good team & good company are equally important as your designing skills.”

UI/UX design is young discipline in IT field which is misunderstood by many. It takes time & experience to keep immature design companies in the right path. Managers & developers may not listen to your words, especially if you are junior.

Yes, I’m one of those juniors. I realised how a team & company plays a significant role in designing; it can create or collapse the design. So it is very important to decide for whom you want to work.

I find below points are useful for designers in choosing a right company.

1. Observe the company projects

It is easy to find the projects of a particular company, so use your expertise to find how they crafted the product and by doing this, you can identify the quality of design in their products.

If you find any bad design in a company projects, it shows that they aren’t aware of good design advantages. Of course, they may not have proper designers, but the whole team or company is responsible for the end product.

So choose a company, which is already producing good design products. It may be a good one for you to work.

2. How much importance does the company give to design?

There are companies which allow developers to design the interfaces. It happens because they don’t give importance to design & they don’t even care.

There exist managers who treat design as an eye candy. They think a designer is just a person who develops interfaces using HTML & CSS, which is wrong.

“Where there is no respect for design, there is nothing to work as a designer!”

3. Know about the design team

Before joining a company, enquire about the design team. Some companies hire a designer who will do everything from scratch to UI development. Some companies hire separate experts for UX, UI, Visual designing.

If you look at their design team you will know on which aspects they are focusing like user research, UX, Interaction, Interface design etc. This helps you to analyse how well the company fit your expertise.

You can make sure what kind of teammates you’re going to work with.

4. Which design process does the company follow?

Design process varies with the company & current trends. Observe how the company is designing a solution. It will tell the depth of their work and dedication towards the design.

Some companies start from user research and personas. While some companies directly jump into designing interfaces. The design process defines the quality & maturity of a design team.

5. How designers collaborate with developers?

Developers make the design alive. If there is any miscommunication between designers and developers, the result is a bad design.

I observed few cases where developers change the design without informing designers, especially in India. It’s a bad practice which happens due to improper workflow.

Make sure whether the company is having a proper workflow and collaboration among various teams.


Remember these things while choosing a new company. You can’t find everything from a website, You should invest some time to research about your next company. Get in touch with someone who is already working there.

Best thing is to ask these questions in the interview. If you get a chance to talk with designers in the interview, just ask them. It will establish a good conversation with interviewers & also gives you a valuable information.

Choose your next company wisely. All the best!

What qualities do you look while choosing a new company? Please comment below and share your experiences.

Thanks for reading my first post!