The Requisites to Buy a Property in Delhi — NCR

Gather the complete information, market trends, and government regulations applicable in the region and then invest. There are several properties listed in the market and the best part is that there are so many options floating around, so it makes sense to be an informed buyer, in order to crack the best deal.

  1. Ability to spot fake properties: Don’t fall into the trap of landing a cheap deal and finding yourself wading the murky waters of dubious dealings, which are so prevalent. Make wise, well — informed decisions, after getting a full know-how of the best rent rates, buyer discounts, market value in the region, location awareness and builder credentials.

2. Market Research on the Area : If you are looking to buy property in Delhi- NCR region, spread over Ghaziabad, Noida, Dwarka, Gurgaon or Faridabad, it makes sense to do a deep , penetrative research on market trends in the region with the prospect of price appreciation on re-sale in the coming few years bracket.

3. Know your Property Dealer: Get an insight about the top Indian Real Estate players and how they are faring in the region you are interested in for making a lucrative investment. Also find out the tie-ups, the concerned builder has with the leading banks which shall make the process seamless in terms of verification and processing of loan.

4. Purpose of acquisition: Make an assessment, before taking the plunge on whether you would like to acquire the property for investment purpose or personal need, because the criteria for selection shall differ, in both cases. For your personal need, the amenities, communication network and budget shall gain priority and for investment purpose, the prospect of getting good returns shall hold more significance.

5. Enlist yourself in Real Estate Websites: Enlist the help of the various Real Estate websites to make a well-informed decision. These websites do a sound job of provide an exhaustive list of real estate properties and also do the legwork, in many cases for physical verification of the shortlisted property- sites and help you land the choicest deal.