Cast Iron Counter Weights Manufacturers

Bharat Engineering Works - We offer an extensive range of Cast iron counter weights those are made to suit the customer’s specification, dimensional accuracy, designs and weight. Following us are gave some information regarding design, actual casting weight, drawing etc…

Design: Give required raw images with the precise dimensions of the cast iron weight components.

Quantity: What’s the anticipated or needed volume; at present and future?

Material and review necessities: What ought to the half be created of? (What is that the forged steel grade?) However ought to be tested before delivery? Across the nation recognized specifications ought to be used whenever the possibility to spot the fabric material and review necessities. See the specifications of material and soundness below.

Actual casting weight: Actual weight info is most popular. Estimates are often provided by the supplier manufactory within the absence of actual weight info, however this might need providing costs that square assess subject to changes supported the particular weight of the casting(s) in question at the time of production.

Drawing: Machine drawings square measure most popular over casting drawings. Drawings or sketches square measure necessary if samples or patterns don’t seem to be out there. The drawing ought to embrace dimensional tolerances, indications of vital areas, and surfaces to be machined. See machining below.

Pattern: If patterns and core boxes square measure out there, the request for a quotation ought to indicate the kind, condition, and found out of the instrumentality. See patterns below.

Production schedules: gift and anticipated want ought to be enclosed in quotation requests.

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