BUMO “A next generation blockchain for ubiquitous value transfers”

BUMO is an innovative blockchain platform that is responsible for creating a network that uses a decentralized application ecosystem which allows users to make transfers with ubiquitous and reliable values. On the other hand, BUMO is also a new generation of public chain for companies, since it builds an infrastructure within the Internet where values can be moved through the use of core technologies such as BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach, being These very useful for large companies.

Ubiquitous Trust Network:

With BUMO users have the full right of all the data belonging to each user respectively, giving confidence to users through ubiquitous machines. On the other hand the nodes of BUMO are involved in the maintenance of the Blockchain, indicating that in this way this network is trusted and will be everywhere.

Trusted Value Transfer System:

In BUMO there is a digital trust that is based on the link between the virtual world and the real world, so thanks to this, a ubiquitous trust system is established. Also because of this, online value flows will become ubiquitous for users.

Public-Sharing DApp Ecosytem:

Thanks to the BUMO Ecosytem, a Digital Identity is obtained, as well as a Tokenization Protocol, just as users can obtain Transfers with Value, Decentralized Transactions and In-DApp exchange. All the mentioned applications will also be ubiquitous.

Improved Two-layer Consensus Protocol:

BUMO has an innovative DPoS + BFT consensus algorithm for multiple two-layer chains. On the other hand BUMO also has a structure of several threads, which allows the selection of dynamic validators. And thanks to the aforementioned, it is possible to improve the processing of user transactions.

Two-layer Polymorphic Architecture for Multi-child Blockchain:

BUMO has a multi-child blockchain system, which allows a two-layer multiform structure, I feel these two layers composed of the main chain and the secondary chains. Regarding the multiform structure, this refers to the different technical characteristics found between the main chains and the secondary chains in BUMO.

Inter-Chain for Routing Value across Blockchains:

BUMO has a bridge between the different main chains, where both homogeneous and heterogeneous blockchains can be joined. On the other hand the value of these main chains can be routed. So thanks to InterChain you can link all the main chains just like the traditional internet router does.

Developer-friendly Smart Contract:

BUMO facilitates the development of its intelligent contract, granting the extension of popular programming languages such as: JavaScript, C / C ++, Python, among many others. On the other hand, BUMO offers a source of reliable data for all intelligent contracts that are executed in this platform.