Native “The First Community Builder of the Blockchain”

Native is an innovative platform that is built through the Ethereum, where users are allowed to participate in existing communities, as well as allowing users to create their own communities. It should be noted that Native is not only based on being a platform that offers the creation of communities, since this incredible platform gives users who want to create their own communities the power to create their own cryptocurrency, to function as the main economy of that community.

On the other hand, the implementation of the creation of an own cryptocurrency for each community, helps in the aspects referring to the transactions that need to be carried out among the members belonging to each community, as it also works as a means of reward for users who perform the tasks assigned to them in their communities. Something else to mention is that to use the Native Platform, it is essential to have a Metamask wallet and ETH tokens, since through it you can join an existing Native community as well as create a new community.

Native grants the following features to the users of the communities that trust this incredible platform.


Native provides the opportunity for its users to create their own new social space where communities can share the values of the aligned economy.


Native has the purpose to demonstrate to the users of the communities about the value they inherently possess.

Human Flourishing:

Native is fully committed to providing community users with all the tools that these communities need to thrive successfully.

In native there are 2 types of users, there are curators and community members, below we will describe briefly about each of them:


They are responsible for managing the communities, having extensive knowledge about the initial vision, they are carriers of deep knowledge about the objective of the community. They are the main guides of the members of the community, clarifying their doubts and helping them in making the best decisions. Another of their function is to act as a filter, so that only relevant and quality content reaches the users, having the power to reject or accept work from members of the community.

Community Members:

They are the essential base of the community, those that conform and maintain it, they are people who join the community that has more to do with their interests, being a member of the community gives them the right to make decisions in the community, having their opinion a great weight, they can also participate in the assigned tasks and even receive rewards for it. Not only that, if the community is not benefited by the curator’s decisions, they can democratically remove him from his position and replace him with another curator who is more in line with their needs and the objective on which the community is based. One important thing to stand out is that the members can join more than a community with no problem.

Native grants the following features to the users of the communities that trust this incredible platform.


The first community is Native, which helps other communities to design the sustainable models of their cryptocurrencies and also the government so that they can realize the value they already have as such.

Rick & Morty Crew

Is a community that is made up of the fans that love the TV series Rick & Morty, where it has the cheapest rate to join in it. If you are a lover of these characters, this would be the ideal community for you.

Earth Guardians

This is a community formed by a nonprofit organization, where they seek to integrate young people into various projects where they can increase their participation.

Imaginal Films

It is a community that has a decentralized ecosystem where lovers of multimedia content, whether filmmakers, spectators or even financiers, can meet to develop, produce and then distribute a conscious film.

SDG Futures

It is based on groups of technologies and decentralized communities that are distributed for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Peace Accelerators

This community is formed by a non-profit organization, which is focused on accelerating the spread of world peace, having the support of technology through the realization of companies, events and projects to spread this purpose.


This is a community that is formed by a decentralized open learning organization, which offers members a smarter future of education.