OnePageX “A Cryptocurrency Converter with 0% Transaction Fees until 2019, for all Blockchain Lovers”

Currently in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we have multiple platforms that make exchanges and conversions between the various existing cryptocurrencies. But something that is very innovative and which is difficult to find in these exchange platforms is the speed and efficiency of the transfers, as well as the simplicity of the platform and the availability of various cryptocurrencies for exchanges.

And with these mentioned characteristics, it is appropriate to comment that there is a platform called OnePageX, which offers the conversion of Bitcoin and Litecoin to more than 140 different cryptocurrencies of the blockchain, but with the ease that users do not need to register, achieving an effective exchange to their users.

And to close the year with a flourish, OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees for the rest of 2018!

1. No Sign-Up:

Users do not need to register to make exchanges, because OnePageX generates a Code as reference for the exchanges.

2. Largest Selection of Cryptocurrencies:

OnePageX offers more than 140 cryptocurrencies for its users exchanges.

3. Simple Interface:

OnePageX has a simple and light interface, allowing quick exchanges to its users.

4. OneBox Widget Integration:

OnePageX has a widget called “OneBox” that can be integrated into any website, thus allowing quick exchanges from any page.

Step 1

First we have to choose the assets that will be converted.

Step 2

Then we have to enter the address where these assets will be removed.

Step 3

And finally we have to select the option “Start Exchange” and then a card will appear with an address where the deposit will be done.

Here you can watch my video about “How to use OnePageX?”

Finally, we can assure that OnePageX has arrived at the Blockchain, to make life easier for all lovers of cryptocurrencies, who undertake their day to day in this world.

And remember that OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees until 2019! So take advantage of this & don’t hesitate to use this Cryptocurrency Converter Platform!