OnePageX “The Perfect & Simple Cryptocurrency Converter with 0% transaction fees until 2019”

OnePageX is an excellent online cryptocurrency converter which offers the exchange between various cryptocurrencies that are currently in the world of the blockchain, having in availability approximately more than 140 cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that OnePageX has in existence the exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies but all are converted from bitcoin and litecoin.

On the other hand purpose behind this converter is to simplify the process of online cryptocurrency exchanges, facilitating the trade and conversion of these currencies. Also it is not necessary to register users to make any exchange.

Another point to note is that OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees for the rest of 2018! So we must take advantage of this great opportunity and try making conversions of the cryptocurrencies that we want!

To make an exchange in OnePageX you must follow these steps:

Step 1:
First you have to choose the assets that will be converted.

Step 2:
Then you have to enter the address where these assets will be removed.

Step 3:
And finally you have to select the option “Start Exchange” and after that a card will appear with an address where the deposit will be made.

The most important features of OnePageX are the following:

1. No sign-up:
The users do not need to register to make exchanges, since OnePageX offers a simple and effective service where it is not necessary to create an account and save the data of the addresses of its users, because this platform generates a Link or a code as reference for the exchanges.

2. Largest Selection of Cryptocurrencies:
As mentioned at the beginning, OnePageX offers around 145 cryptocurrencies maintaining the vision of adding many more cryptocurrencies for exchanges.

3. Simple Interface:
The OnePageX platform has a simple and light interface without causing disturbances to users, because of this the exchanges can be done quickly.

4. OneBox Widget Integration:
Also, this incredible exchange platform has a widget that can be integrated into any website and this widget is called: OneBox. To add OneBox to any website, it is only necessary to copy and paste the code that is on the OnePageX website and after that you can make exchanges without any problem and quickly.

To conclude, OnePageX came to renew the world of the blockchain, it is the best option for all those interested in cryptocurrencies, from large investors, to ordinary people who earn their living through cryptocurrencies. There is nothing better than feeling good with a platform that has no complications and where you only need to invest a bit of your time to get efficient and fast exchanges.

And don't forget that OnePageX is offering 0% transaction fees until 2019! So remember to take advantage and start making your cryptocurrency conversions on this excellent platform.