PATRON “The perfect platform for influencers in the social network”

For anyone is surprising to know about the great impact generated by social networks in these times, because any aspect can be viral, from a comment, to a video. In that sense, it is appropriate to mention that there are influential people who are part of our lives on social networks, like bloggers, Youtubers, singers, among many others. And because of this, a great ingenious and creative team has launched a perfect platform called PATRON, for all these influential people.

PATRON is an innovative Blockchain Network from Japan which supports the people who undertake and make social networks their day to day. These people are primarily based on the Influencers that are found in the various social networks, which seek to gain more followers and a good economic remuneration. Next are the big entrepreneurs who are Sponsors in PATRON and these need to promote their services and catch many customers. And last, there are ordinary people, who simply love social networks and follow many Influencers that become their inspiration or model to follow.

With PATRON, a new opportunity is opened for ordinary people who want to be an Influencer with the content they generate and in turn these contents can generate the attention of many Followers and Sponsors. Likewise, the Sponsors also open themselves to the opportunity to get an Influencer that promotes their products to a specific target.

For the Influencers:

Influencers can build a brand thanks to the significant number of followers they have around them. PATRON also gives its Influencers the opportunity to create agreements with Sponsors and generate a price range, also there is a flexibility regarding the rates that the Influencers aspire of the Sponsors, since they vary depending on the products that will be promoted.

For Sponsors:

Sponsors can disseminate their information quickly and efficiently, which are governed by the Influencers that have followers within the demographic category of the product that the Sponsor needs to promote. PATRON also has the ability to categorize the Influencer according to the Followers they have and in this way to have a precision when a service or product is announced.

For the Followers:

Through PATRON, the Followers also receive benefits, since they can obtain a better content that is pleasant and to their liking on the part of the Influencers, because the Influencers depend a lot on their Followers, o they will do everything possible to keep all their followers active so they do not lose interest in them.

  • PATRON is a platform that is directed for three specific audiences, this makes it unique and innovative. These are the Influencers, the Sponsors and the Followers.
  • PATRON takes into account 3 aspects of evaluation to their Influencers, which depend on the Number of Followers, the level of Commitment with their Followers and also the level of their Reputation in the platform.
  • PATRON is based on the union of the Social Network Service (SNS) and the Sharing Economy in which both Influencers, Sponsors and Followers can benefit and help each other, since they acquire a value in this network.

The PATRON platform also has its own Cryptocurrency called PAT, which will cover all services within the PATRON network, such as paying and rewarding its users through this cryptocurrency, also the PAT Token serves as a form of payment between the Sponsors and the Influencers and something that should be noted, is that the PAT can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD.

Definitely, PATRON is the best option for all those who undertake in social networks and make it a fixed job to obtain an economic sustenance, since the gains and recognition by PATRON to all its users, are very favorable and tempting. There is no reason to expect a loss, because the power generated by social networks and Influencers is something we have to admire, since the world can change instantly with a simple post, comment or video, and what better way to be with the help of PATRON, the perfect platform for all lovers of social networks.

Finally, if you are an Influencer, a Follower or a Sponsor, do not hesitate for a moment about PATRON, take a chance and undertake this Network.

Here you can watch my video about PATRON