Requirement of a Mentor and right Team Culture for a Startup

Many of us do not realize the importance of having a mentor at early stages of our personal life or startup and we do not pay much attention to team culture and setting values or vision.But it is must for an individual or startup to reach and smash the milestones.

Realizing the need of a mentor, finding the right mentor, making the best use of them are very essential for startups.Even Corporate’c ,MN C's and Governments do have Mentors and advisers to make sure they are following right path or taking right decisions.You can have Mentor agreements and sometimes you can also offer them stake in your startup to involve them and make them part of startup.They pour in their knowledge, wisdom and invaluable experiences for your startup which saves a ton of your energy,money and efforts.So you take right decisions, follow right path to make the vision come true.You can get in touch with mentors via social networking sites like LinkedIn/emails and also through referrals.They should be experts in that fields/achieved something/empathize with you/must have gone through the entire journey.Most importantly they should challenge you, help you in networking, technical assistance,business development or understanding customers or any one of these

Coming to team culture cause is above all.Co-founders or other team members work 24*7 for startup vision.One thing to mention here is people often quit their jobs telling that they want to be their own boss,boring work life and 9am–5pm timings.But starting your own startup is much more tougher and you need to do boring tasks,work 24*7 and lot of risks, challenges are integral part of the journey and are inevitable.Each team member should take responsibility, keep commitments,clarify expectations,apologize sincerely, show personal integrity and should attend even little things.

Each of the team member should have been committed to the vision and set their own performance goals which can be measurable.Each one should hold mutual accountability.Whenever one seems not working or does some mistake don’t just label them.Intentions are important, know the reason behind that.Always appreciate others contribution and confront them when they do some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.It shows that you care for them.Always have trust among team mates and every contribution matters and mistakes are okay.

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