How to Create a Multi Vendor Marketplace Website

The ultimate guide to create a multi vendor website from thin air

It works like magic right? You see a product at discounted price, you place an order with delivery tagged to your home address, and within the stipulated time, the package arrives at your doorstep. Simple. Done and dusted.


Of everything else, why make a multi vendor website?

Multi-vendor stores offer you a single route of selling diverse product categories to an even diverse customer segment. The biggest benefit is that you don’t have to have the inventory for all the products. You can source it from multiple vendors who specialize on selling such products and have them ship the products directly to customers.

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

The BIG Question! How will you earn?

Product listing fees, commission on sales & advertising will be your primary forms of revenue. You can collect product listing fees from 3rd party vendors for listing their products in their wares in your website. Commission can also be collected for every successful transaction from the seller. As traffic builds to your online store, you can give special spots in the web page for interested sellers to display their brand adverts.

Cogs and Wheels that Run an Online Store

There are many ways of running a successful online store. You can be a price leader, fastest delivery provider or all products under one roof online seller. No matter what you are, what you cannot miss out to on to create multi vendor in Magento is great customer service, proficient seller management, logistic management and analytic reports.

Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace - Admin Dashboard

Good Customer Experience

Don’t undermine the wrath of a dissatisfied customer. It is 12 times more difficult to find a new customer than to service an existing one. Hence, delivery high on the customer experience quotient is something your online store cannot take lightly.

Now, what are the possible ways you can delivery superior online shopping experience?

  • Set up a hassle free checkout process
  • Make your store responsive to web screens
  • Use high quality product images with appropriate descriptions

Proficient Seller Management

There should be a proper process to manage all vendors in one place so that commission calculations, vendor profile management, catalogue listing, etc. become fuss-free. Commission calculations can be made for a single seller with multiple rates or single rate allocated to multiple sellers. Although this may not be visible on the storefront, for a customer this will make a huge difference in terms of shopping experience.

Logistic Management

Dropshipping might be an unheard term for brick and mortar store owners. But is the bread earning method for ecommerce store owners. Drop shopping is an advanced form of logistics whereby products are shipped directly to customers without passing through the online store’s warehouse or distribution centre. Further, delivery tracking is another important function that irons out the difficulty in online selling.

Analytic Reports

Analytic reports shed light into some overlooked behaviour pertaining your online store.

  • Who are your frequent visitors?
  • How much is the cart abandonment?
  • What is the average order size?
  • What product categories get the maximum hits?

These metrics if looked into with analysis will throw insights about how the future strategy of the business be framed for maximizing revenue.

Why we Suggest Magento as the Ultimate Choice to Build an Online Marketplace Store?

At least 19 of Alexa’s top websites run on Magento. Moreover, Magento 2 arrived last June since when the process to build a multi vendor website has become easier and broader.

Magento 2 Features

For instance, the new version of Magento thrives on a flexible file structure that makes it easy for developers to modify the elements easily.

Apptha Marketplace — The Perfect Multivendor Extension

Apptha Marketplace is an excellent choice for any store owner guessing how to create a multi vendor marketplace website. The multivendor extension is jam packed with several features that help boost sales and control multiple vendors through a single interface.

Get the product demo here: Live Demo | Download

Features of Apptha Marketplace Extension

Admin dashboard

A single well-specced dashboard interface that feeds several information related to seller management and store performance.

Product portfolios

Sellers can create their own product portfolios to showcase the best products to customers.

Video galleries

Product pages can be integrated with video galleries for video promotions or user guides of their products.

Ajax powered quick view

Peek view of the products and their specs without having to visit the product page entirely.

Social logins

Social credentials enabled login that will save customers from creating separate usernames or passwords and also facilitate quick login.

Deals corner

For customers to quickly spot ongoing deals and upcoming deals on products that they desire to buy.

Product types

Simple, Virtual, Downloadable and Configurable products for an all-encompassing online store.

Parting thoughts

If you have been chasing people asking how to create a multi vendor website or paying money for tutorials on how to start a multi vendor website, Apptha Marketplace will save you from all that trouble. It will get you started off straight away with selling rather wile away time trying to figure out the design process. So what are you waiting for? Get set and be gone building your online store.