Happy Women’s Day? Are Women Really Happy and Safe?

Bharath Varma Avs
Mar 8 · 4 min read

It’s true when people say, you can only understand some situations when you experience them. I always found this world a safe place to live and one single incident changed my entire view.

My elder sister is obsessed with gol gappe and as an ideal brother, I always try to make sure that she gets everything she wishes for. The time was around 08:30 PM and this is usually a time when you have plenty of people around. Things were all normal until a group of men visited the same gol gappe stall.

And just after a minute of their arrival, they started staring my sister. Indirect comments were passed. I was frustrated but decided to ignore everything. I didn’t want to start a brawl considering the fact that my sister might get hurt. In short words, I felt helpless.

We came back home and that’s when I started thinking about the incident.

What if I started a fight with them?

What if no one comes to our rescue?

What if they decide to attack us?

These thoughts made me search the internet trying to find a solution to such situations. That’s when I realized this country is not safe for women.

Goondaraj Everywhere in India

Every single day, several incidents happen where a group of people try to attack, rob or harass people. I came across thousands of articles that reported sexual abuse, harassment, assaults and attacks on women. One common thing that I noticed in all the cases is a group of men committing the crime.

These kinds of incidents happen in workplaces too.

One Incident Made Me Write

I was lucky enough to not experience the worst of situations. One example I found actually moved me a lot. A woman driving a car along with her family was attacked by a mob at Khan Market.

This woman named Insiyah has been living in Delhi for 3 decades now and has always felt safe and sound until this incident happened. It was just a parking altercation over which a mob decided to attack this couple.

Their car was smashed with metal rods in broad daylight with people sitting inside. Imagine what ran in her mind at that particular moment.

A car filled with family and surrounded by a mob with weapons in hand, windows smashed and terror covering the entire space. Absolutely helpless in a democratic country that promises safety more than anything else.

Will Insiyah be able to celebrate a happy women’s day?

Will her family celebrate?

Why is there no fear in these people? Why aren’t they afraid of the police and law?

We proudly announce Women’s day every year. What are we really celebrating?

Why are we sharing all these fancy posters that wish people to have a very happy women’s day?

With people taking the law into their hands, how is this country a safe place for my mother and sister?

I Decided To Do Something

I wanted to know more about this incident. Thanks to social media, I got in touch with Insiyah and got to know everything that happened. I was shocked to know that every single man that was a part of the mob attack is still roaming freely in this country.

If the law is so weak that someone can slip out of punishment so easily, how is this country going to be a better place for the coming generations?

One more thing that bothers me a lot is the volume of Goondaraj in our country. So many cases, yet no actions or preventive measures being taken by the government.

Women safety and public safety are going to be the next big challenges for our country. It’s time we must realize this and act accordingly. One first step to ensure this happens is to make sure these incidents are visible to the government.

Goondaraj — The Facebook Group

This is it. The platform is the need of the hour. Goondaraj Facebook group is a place where people can share their stories, discuss with people who are ready to listen and support, people who believe that a group of people shouldn’t take the law into their hands.

People have to speak, about their experiences, everything that has made them feel unsafe and helpless in their own country. The platform is to let people know that there is actually someone who cares, someone who listens and forces the officials to take action.

Goondaraj is just the first step to bring in the required change. Let us walk together and take this as far as we can. I want everyone to be safe in this country.

I want women to be free safe and powerful. The day this happens, wish everyone around you, a very happy women’s day.

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