List Of Mob Lynching Incidents in India — 2019

Bharath Varma Avs
Apr 16 · 5 min read

Lynching is a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group. It is most often used to characterize informal public executions by a mob in order to punish an alleged transgressor or to intimidate a group.

Mob attacks have been so common in India in the past few years. Many attacks on men, women and infants have taken place in various districts of India. With no proper laws placed to address this upcoming threat to democracy, India is heading towards a state where mobocracy and hooliganism are going to rule the country.

List Of Mob Lynching Incidents in India

1. Mumbai: Woman harassed at restro-bar, husband thrashed for objecting

In a shocking incident, the Santacruz police arrested four people for molesting a woman. The four men are businessmen who allegedly molested a woman and harassed her verbally at a bar. The men also attacked the victim’s husband after he raised an objection on the same.

The woman and her husband had gone to a restro-bar in Juhu when the incident happened. The accused allegedly passed lewd comments on the victim and even tried to molest her. The woman was accompanied by her husband.

On being informed, the police reached the bar and detained two of the accused. The two men were taken to the Santacruz police station. The police were later told that two other people had a probable role to play in the incident and were taken to the police station.

List Of Mob Lynching Incidents in India

2. ‘Go to Pakistan’: 20–25 men barge into Gurgaon home, assault family

Members of a Muslim family in Gurgaon’s Dhamaspur village and guests who had come to visit them were beaten with sticks and rods, allegedly by 20–25 men, who barged into their home and attacked them on Holi evening.

The incident took place after some of the accused allegedly approached the boys from the family, who were playing cricket outside, and demanded that they “go to Pakistan and play”. One person was arrested for the crime late Friday night. According to the FIR, the incident took place around 5 pm, at the home of Mohammad Sajid, who hails from Uttar Pradesh and has been living here for the last three years with his wife Sameena and six children.

Sajid, who is involved in the repair of gas cylinders, old furniture and construction work, said, “We constructed this house three years ago. We keep to ourselves; something like this has never happened before.”

3. Chahatt Khanna’s car attacked by 14 drunk men on Holi

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain actress Chahatt Khanna experienced a horrific incident on Thursday. The actress was travelling in her car with her two kids when her vehicle was attacked by 14 drunk men. Chahatt Khanna was in Malad, Mumbai when the incident took place.

Chahatt Khanna spoke to and narrated the entire incident and how she fought with them alone. She said, “Last evening around 7 pm, I was travelling in my car with my kids, maid and staff and suddenly, a car banged my car from behind. It happened at S V Road, Malad. My driver braked and we were all thrown forward.

I looked behind and saw 6 burly men getting down from the car. 4 bikes carrying 8 more men were right with the car, one on either side. So, 14 men in all.”

List Of Mob Lynching Incidents in India

14 men surrounded Chahatt Khanna’s car and started banging the door and abusing them. Seeing all this Chahatt Khanna’s driver froze and couldn’t dodge and turn the car. Chahatt’s kids got scared seeing all this and were crying throughout this ordeal. “They then forced my driver to get down somehow and started beating him up.

The next thing I knew was that the back glass of my car had also been smashed. Soon, they were on the bonnet of my car and even on the roof, dancing and singing. It had now gone wild,” Chahatt added.

4. Rishikesh: Students beat junior to death, school buries the body

The victim, identified as Vasu Yadav, allegedly stole a packet of biscuits from a shop whose owner informed the school authorities.

Subsequently, the school administration prohibited students from leaving the campus. This made students angry and they took out their rage on Vasu. Vasu was tortured for hours, taken to the hospital much later

List Of Mob Lynching Incidents in India

The Class 12 students not only beat Vasu with bats and wickets, but they also poured cold water on him. He was tortured for hours in the afternoon and was taken to the hospital only in the evening. The doctors at the facility declared Vasu brought dead.

Without alerting police or his parents, who live in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur, school authorities buried his body.

5. Assam: Mob thrashes man in Biswanath Chariali for allegedly carrying Beef; forced to eat Pork

In an incident reported from Biswanath Chariali on 7th April 2019, a local resident, Shaukat Ali was attacked by a mob for allegedly carrying beef.

According to reports, Shaukat Ali was thrashed by a mob on the way to a “line hotel,” a business Ali had been running for about 35 years. Things also spiralled out of control as the irate mob forced Ali to eat pork.

List Of Mob Lynching Incidents in India

Ali received injuries and is now being treated in a local hospital. Locals captured the incident on camera and the video has gone viral since.

6. Jharkhand: Old ox dies, mob kills a man, three injured are booked for bovine slaughter

When Adranish Kujur told the village of Jhurmo in Jharkhand that his 20-year-old ox had died in his field, at least 35 villagers went to carve it up. Minutes later, a mob, armed with rods and sticks, attacked them, claiming they had slaughtered a cow. While most managed to flee, Prakash Lakra was killed and three others injured in the assault.

A witness person said: “All we could hear was the sound of wailing when the four men were being beaten mercilessly.”

Police have named seven men, Mahendra Sahu, Shiva Sahu, Jeewan Sahu, Sanjay Sahu, Satyendra Sahu, Santosh Sahu and Sandip Sahu — all residents of the neighbouring Jairagi village — in the FIR for committing the crime.

We are on a mission to stop mob lynching in India. Join our GoondaRaj Facebook Group and help us raise a voice against mob lynching in India.

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