I know you come home to me

When you leave every morning
To fight your battles
To live your dreams
I am perhaps
the furthest from your thoughts.

When you feel the rain on your fingertips
And you think of all those romances
Of adulthood past
And all the beauty that
lies in front of you
I still am perhaps
the furthest from your thoughts.

When you are celebrated
By your friends, comrades, rivals
And they raise their glass in salute
In envious respect and true friendship
And satisfaction engulfs you,
I continue to be 
the furthest from your thoughts.

When you meet someone new
Who catches your eye 
And makes your heart sing
Who makes you smile
And your heart pump
Just that bit faster
I am nowhere in your thoughts.

But when the darkness falls
And the tiredness seeps into you
When it stops raining
And all the memories go back 
To their neat little boxes
When the last toast has been raised
And all those friends have left
When the shine from that someone new
Has worn off and your heart has settled in
You think of home. And you think of me.

I know that is when you are ready to come home to me.
I know you will always come home to me.

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