The Wide Applicability of Nigrosine

The group of the synthetic dyes that are used for the colouring of various types of products is called as nigrosine. The hue of these types of dyes is generally black to dark blue in color. Many times, it is also red in color. The nigrosine has the fine crystal like structure. It is basically a kind of crystalline powder.

The nigrosine is formed with the help of the nitro compounds. The aniline hydrochloride and the aniline itself are used together for the purpose of making the nigrosine. When the iron is heated along with the both aniline and the aniline hydrochloride, then it is perfectly formed. The nigrosine of different types is available in the market. Some of them are soluble in water and while other have great solubility with the oil. The nigrosine that is soluble in alcohol is also available in the market. The dyes that are made using the nigrosine as a core component are not of a pure form. The dyes made carry a nuclear structure which is derived either from the phenazine or the phenazine structure. Because of this very reason, the nigrosine dyes are also known by the name of azine dyes.

Uses of Nigrosine: -
It is widely used for the formation of many elements. Some of the major uses of the nigrosine are stated below-
· The wooden furniture and various types of textiles are colored by the use of nigrosine. Many times the hardcore substance namely leather is also colored using the nigrosine.
· The ink used in a ball point pen is prepared and developed by the use of nigrosine itself. It is used in different types of cosmetic products as well.
· Various science experiments are also conducted using the nigrosine. Nigrosine is used as a coloring agent for the cells that are required to be seen under a microscope.

A brief about the exporters of Nigrosine: -

Due to its numerous uses, the nigrosine is widely demanded by the people from all the corners of the world. The Nigrosine Exporters are required to have good cordial relations with the various logistics companies. The exporters also have to take good care of the packaging of the product. They must use a good quality packaging material so that any type of damage to the dye can easily be avoided. The should be equipped with a sufficient storage facility, to meet the bulk and urgent requirements of the market.
Thus, it can be concluded that the supreme class shades of black and blue can be well-derived by using nigrosine.