From Developing Websites To Transforming And Healing Your Life Situations

After developing software applications, and websites, since about 1990, life took a turn that I did not expect.

In 2007, everything I desired and knew started falling apart.

Everything was going wrong, not working, or not working out.I didn’t know why I was experiencing what I was, and especially why all seemingly at the same time.

I didn’t know why I was experiencing what I was, and especially why all seemingly at the same time.

In the briefest and simplest words, the experience felt as if I was dying in a very dark, unfriendly and lonely place.

I demanded my life back from the universe, and the universe showed how and why I was experiencing what I was, and what to do about it.

The journey over the 10 years has been literally out of this world.

A lot has happened and a part of me wants to tell you everything.

Some experiences are very personal to me and others, and some are, as I said, out of this world, and out of the world I knew.

I am not sure what I can tell you, and what you will believe, but you have to know as much as I can tell you.

Why do I want to tell you all this?

Because I feel it’s the most valuable knowing you can ever have and will change your perception and experience of life forever.

What I want to show you will also help you in every aspect of your personal, work, learning and business life.

It will save your life and keep you here longer, to keeping you happy if you are already happy, to experiencing miracles in life.

If I can’t show you exactly what happened in some experiences, I will use stories from other aspects of life that will give you the closest feeling to what happened.

I may also share other experiences which may seem random or out of context, such as my about web business development, but that’s what I feel like doing at the moment.

As I said the universe showed me how and why I was experiencing what I was, and what to do about it.

I came across information and teachings that I know helped me stay here and alive a little longer in this physical reality.

What I discovered is an aspect of this reality that I previously did not know existed.

I am going to tell you about what happened, what I discovered, what I did to help myself, and teach you to help yourself in your journey in life.

I’ll keep things brief at the moment.

As I said, my reality starting falling apart, and as much as this:

That is a still of Neo (Keanu Reaves) from the 1999 movie The Matrix.

If you haven’t seen The Matrix, then I strongly recommend that you watch it all.there are many scenes in the movie that will help clarify what I will be showing you.

There are many scenes in the movie that will help clarify what I want to show you.

I am sure you can see that Neo’s physical reality is falling apart.

No, my mouth did not do that, but can you imagine what is going on inside Neo’s mind when his mouth is doing that.

With that going on, people around him have a smile on their face when what’s happening is happening.

They literally behave and look at Neo as if nothing is wrong, like this:

Imagine the thoughts and emotions appearing within Neo.

You are close to feeling how I felt.

In the movie, the man with the shades is not one of the good guys.

This sort of makes things a little easier to understand for Neo, as not good guys behave as not good guys.

Imagine if that was one of many people who you thought were close to you (e.g. friends, work colleagues, relatives, etc).

You are getting very close to feeling how I felt.

It’s probably obvious that the situation with the mouth, and the behaviour of the not good guy are very negative and problematic issues for Neo.

Add to that the following aspects of life falling apart:

  • Money
  • Peace & joy
  • Health
  • Work & career
  • Other relationships
  • Life purpose

That’s almost every aspect of life falling apart.

Now add to that time.

Imagine reality falling apart like that for weeks or months.

You are now as close as I can get you to feeling how I felt.

My intellect eventually gave up as it could not work out what to do.

I remember being very frustrated, also annoyed and angry, and I demanded my life back from the universe.

Being very tired of trying to do things to fix what was happening and make things better, I gave up trying:

The universe replied literally the next day and showed me something in a strange way.

It’s often known as the law of attraction.

And if you’re thinking ‘Is that it? Is that what wanted to show you?’, then the answer is no.

That’s the beginning.

Originally published at Bharat Karavadra.

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