How To Change The Logo Size (Increase & Decrease) In Twenty Seventeen

The logo in Twenty Seventeen is z fixed size, and it’s width and height can be increased or decreased in size.

The default logo size.

The logo re-sized.

In this example, the logo has been doubled in size, however, it can also be reduced in size.

Where and how to make the width the menu full screen:

In WordPress Admin > Appearance > Edit CSS.

Enter the CSS code below.

  • The 700px max-width is double the default width of 300px. To halve the size, change the value to 150px
  • The 160px max — height is double the default height of 80px. To halve the size, change the value to 40px.

The CSS code:

@media screen and (min-width: 48em) {
.custom-logo-link img {
max-width: 700px;

.custom-logo-link img {
/* display: inline-block; */
max-height: 160px;
/* width: auto; */

Originally published at Bharat Karavadra.