silk sarees continue the legacy of indian traditional dresses

Silk has been one of the oldest textiles in use in the Indian culture. Today, it has emerged as the top fabric that has seen many colors. In the Indian textile industry, silk has been one of the most integral fabrics for designers and wearers. The most important attire manufactured from this fabric is the silk sarees. It is undoubtedly every woman’s first choice and remains as the most desired outfit among Indian women.

There are mainly four different kinds of silk that is produced in India. These are the Eri, Tussore, Muga and Mulberry. Mulberry is the most common form of silk that has been transformed into sarees throughout the country. It offers more variations in the dress. Also the color combination that it comes in is wide and women may choose form varied options.

One of the most desired sarees of all times is the kanjivaram silk sarees which has a distinct sheen f its own. This particular saree has been in fashion since a long time. it is typically marked by its contrasting borders that give it a unique look. It is generally manufactured in the Tamil Nadu state of India. The saree is woven in heavy silk and gold which makes is priced clothing article in a woman’s wardrobe.

The kanjivaram saree is generally worn at special occasions and festivities. It is thus considered to be a style and status symbol. There are other pure silk sarees that come from other parts of the country. One of them is the Banarasi saree that is extremely popular in the northern region of the country. This saree uses a denser border and comes with threading throughout or at the borders of the saree. The end-piece is distinct from the body of the saree and has a discontinuous pattern of its own.

Benarasi and Kanjivaram are the most sold online silk sarees due to their design and look. They make up as the best forms of clothing articles for weddings and festive occasions. At weddings, they are sought for their wide color options. As they come in bright and light shades, they are the perfect of women of varied skin complexion.

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