The Work App- an app for the blue collared job market

The Work App


We were approached by our client to design this awesome product that he believes can revolutionise how blue-collar worker search for jobs in Australia. This was a challenge to us as it had two major personas; Job Seeker and Recruiter.

Job Seekers can see details of the job like remuneration, total working days, company profile etc, to decide on which one to apply to.
Similarly, a recruiter can view details like skills, resume, qualifications, average ratings etc of the interested candidates to decide which candidates he wants to work with.

Project Team

Senior UI/UX Designer - Bharat Rawat
UI/UX Lead - Nadeem

I was responsible for designing and providing all the design artefacts to the development team.


Like with designing any application, there are these milestones that we achieve throughout the whole design process.

  1. Understanding the brief
  2. Framing the problem around the need
  3. Identifying the users
  4. Building the envisioned product with prototyping a flow
  5. Forming a style guide to achieving visual designs
  6. Putting it together for completion and integration

1. The brief

To design a recruitment app for recruiters to post jobs and find blue collared workers who can perform various jobs.

2. The need

Job Seeker’s problems

  1. Not sure where the next job is.
  2. No idea what you’ll be paid.
  3. No history of any past work.
  4. Keeping track of all jobs is impossible.
  5. Spend heaps on travel.
  6. Recruiters care about just filling it.
  7. Inefficiency and difficulty in managing hard tickets, licenses and inductions.
  8. Filling out forms asking for very similar information every time they have to apply for a job.

Recruiter’s problems

  1. Spending heaps on recruitment.
  2. No Flexibility
  3. People don’t have the right skills.
  4. No way to find information about the candidate.
  5. No way to know the job history of candidates.

3. The users:

  1. The job seekers: in the segment including skilled or unskilled manufacturing, mining, sanitation, custodial work, oil field work, construction, mechanic, maintenance, warehousing, firefighting, technical installation and many other types of physical work.
  2. The Employer: usually individuals that need help for some work to be done. Agencies that hire at scale blue-collared worker for various organisation’s and sometimes the organisations themselves. 

4. Flow

We designed the user flow and using the Marvel app we created it’s an interactive prototype. This prototype was then tested by various users by our Australian team and all the feedback was discussed upon. After all the brainstorming and iterations final wireframe was created and shared with the client for approvals.

Recruiter Wireframe
Job Seeker Wireframe

4. Visual Designs

Several different approaches and design direction were taken to get the look and feel of the app just right. We used design patterns and user centred design framework to create the screens.


Recruiter main screens

Recruiter main screens

Job Seeker main screens

Job seeker main screens

Logo Design

Logo design process

What’s next?

We suggested a few more things to the client during the workshop but due to budget constraint, we didn’t include them in MVP. Maybe we can add those things in a later phase.

Some of the suggestions we gave were:

  1. Adding a matching candidate only feature so that recruiter does not have to filter through hundreds of resumes to find the candidate with right skills required for the job. This can also become a paid feature.
  2. Adding a chat button so that employers would be able to screen potential employees by having quickly meet-up to discuss if it’s the right fit, rather than go through a rather lengthy process of form fillings and scanning through applications to find the right candidate.

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