GeoCash-A better way to win

GeoCash is an application that uses our custom location-based prize-draw system to award prizes based on where you are. On your way to work? Grabbing a coffee? Going to the game or catching a gig? You can win just by being in the right place at the right time!


The client came us with a rough idea about the product that he thinks will be a game changer. For that he wanted us to do the research work to validate that product and then to design few screens so that he can pitch those to the potential investors.


For the mobile application, a scenario and the persona was generated in order to understand the potential user. Low fidelity wireframes were created using sketching and with Sketch software, high fidelity designs were created. Using Invision prototype were created and tested on a couple of users.

Project Team

Senior UI/UX Designer: Nitish Vashishta
UI/UX Designer: Bharat Rawat

Design Process

I personally follow a 5 step process which covers the entire product cycle. The process is inspired and adapted from the principle of design thinking along with the philosophies of human-centric design.

Design process I follow

Information Gathering

We started the project by having a workshop with all the stakeholders. the workshop went for 2 days and our main objective was to brainstorm and document the necessary information. 
Most of the information were documented in the form of lean canvas and high-level user stories.

Lean Canvas



We started our research by conducting user interviews. For that, we decided to write down all the assumptions that we have for our target audience.

1. When it comes to lotteries, opportunities, or promotions, businesses try to reach as many people as possible.
2. Businesses spend as much as $X promoting their promotions.
3. When businesses set up a promotional campaign, their main aim is to reach people who are not on their existing networks or when they are trying to reinforce the loyalty of existing customers.
5. Businesses see promotional events and prices as the main way to boost their event attendance.
6. In their promotional campaigns, businesses prefer to give away their own products rather than other companies or cash prices.

Participant Criteria

We also decided that there should be participation criteria for all the interviewees.

  1. Works in the Marketing, PR or Advertising Industry.
  2.  Account/Marketing Managers, Account Executives or Account Director.
  3. Minimum of 5 years of experience.
  4. Clients are ASX200 or Large Enterprises.
  5. Deals with mainly B2C goods and services.
  6. Must have experience running event promotions or related campaigns.

Competitive Analysis

We did a thorough competitive analysis. We mapped the different kinds of features and convenience that the competitors provide. Alongside we also look at which ones are more search friendly and we also had a look at their basic interface.

List of all the competitors

● GeoCache

● Urban Airship

● Kahuna

● Thinknear

● LevelUp

● Foursquare

● Swarm

● Shopkick

● Vouchercloud

● GPSShopper


After research process, all the stakeholders decided what features should be there in an MVP of that product. These features were then converted to user stories by B.A. team and we then designed sitemap with help of these user stories.

Proposed sitemap for Geo Cash

Visual Design

After designing the sitemap we designed core visual designs.

App Screens we designed for Geo Cash

Product Page

Product Page for Geo Cash

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