Hey Rager!

First of all, a very Happy NY to you & your loved ones. Hope you #KeepRaging ahead in 2020

We’ve gotten to a great start with our recent venture capital fundraise to grow further.

This email is to ‘Thank You’ for being a part of our journey so far! It is our pleasure to keep serving you!

The freshly infused capital will be used to launch innovative new products, scale-up production, strengthen our team and also expand our distribution to makes ourselves available wherever you go :)

Here’s the press release: https://inc42.com/buzz/rage-coffee-brews-expansion-with-refex-capital-investment/

Also, all our products are now US FDA compliant and available on Amazon.com North America as well. New launched Flavours are now LIVE & you should totally check em’ out. Definitely addictive :)

Thank You once again!

Founder & CEO
Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee, a digitally native FMCG brand building breakthrough products in emerging coffee categories, announced today that it has closed a round of funding led by Refex Capital, a SEBI registered early stage venture capital firm with participation from members of angel network — Keirutsu Forum Chennai & a clutch…

Rage Merch Launch
Happy Saturday Ragers

Hope you're having a caffeinated weekend :)

There's a lot of action happening at Rage Coffee HQ and we thought we'd let you know what's been up...

One of the most exciting news we have is the launch of our limited edition merchandise and some super slick combo packs for…

Yes, let’s #logout, please?

I'm an ardent supporter of the #logout movement and you should support it too.

First things first, the logout movement doesn't restrict itself only to restaurants. …

Happy Wednesday!

Its been a while I sent out a letter to our customers and thought today was a perfect day for that!

So, here we go…

1) Rage Coffee is now available in 350+ retail outlets & grocery stores across Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Nagpur, Jaipur. We’re striving to…

Hope you've had an exciting April so far. We certainly did :)

I was wanting to write to you to share some insider news and updates about Rage Coffee. We believe, as early adopters of Rage Coffee, you're more than family to us and I kinda feel responsible to keep you…

Happy Monday!Trust your day began with a powerful cup of Rage Coffee :)

Firstly, I'd like to Thank You for being a part of our growing family. It feels quite surreal, honestly, that we were able to overcome all complex challenges to finally present Rage Coffee to you. A dream…

Summing up the last two years of my startup life into one post is challenging. So I’ll leave that for some other time. Leaving a company you founded is not an easy topic to talk about, especially when much has been invested emotionally & financially. …

There was this little something I wanted to speak about for a long time; a little something I talk about with anyone I spend 15 mins with — About how the society continuously pulls us down and we end up becoming the people we don’t feel safe being.

This TEDx talk became a great platform for me to talk about this unsettling fear I have about succumbing to the norms. My habit of questioning everything and asking “Why NOT” rather than “Why” has landed me in trouble many a times. But it’s also given me the biggest gift of life — [SELF AWARENESS]

Here’s the link to the complete 11 mins talk: https://youtu.be/Vtb1QHtqj0M

Your feedback and opinion matters. Do share the video if there’s something here that can help someone.

Bharat Sethi

Co-Founder & CEO



The story below was published on 91Springboard’s blog with events and excerpts from my talk at FuckUp Nights.

The Noida edition of our infamously named property, Fuck Up Nights took place last month and was a roaring success. As always, we had established entrepreneurs take to the stage and talk…

Bharat Sethi

Serial Entrepreneur. Co-Founder @Rage Coffee. Exited PosterGully in Aug’16. TEDx Speaker #ecommerce #consumerinternet #startups #marketing #branding #tech

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