KK Bhardwaj
2 min readMar 19, 2022

Features of Automated DLP Incident Remediation

Let’s recap:

1. Proper Incident Remediation is critical to DLPs’ success

2. Automation is critical to successful DLP Incident Remediation

Incident surges, delays in approval by stakeholders, and high effort for remediation can lead to higher security exposure and poor and unsatisfying compliance. Let us look at the features of a solution that will be an answer to our questions.

Incident remediation should be integrated with the DLP solution(s). Incidents must be fetched automatically and prioritized and routed based on their characteristics. The Incident Review and Assessment process should be guided, and actions triggered automatically. One should expect Incidents closed to be automatically reported on and there should be automatic recordkeeping to obviate the need for spending additional effort in documentation and compliance. The incidents must be updated back in the DLP solution once they are closed. It is also natural to expect a dashboard set up for a bird’s eye view for the total number of incidents, incidents under triage, number of incidents closed and so on and so forth. This dashboard must present the situation no matter how many DLP solutions are in use. There should be a method of looking at the data and reviewing the DLP rules or policies to minimize false positives. And artificial intelligence ought to be used to validate or predict the prioritization algorithm for incidents.

The following components would comprise such a solution:

· Automated workflows using rule-based assignment of incidents,

· Automatic action triggers, reminders, and escalations,

· Automatic documentation and audit trails,

· Role-specific dashboards & enriched graphical reports across DLP Solutions,

· Simple and intuitive interfaces that don’t need any DLP-specific knowledge,

· Simple and intuitive questions adapted to the context.

Alright, having seen what the contours of an Automated DLP Incident Remediation are, let us stop here and in the next session let us look at a tool, DashMagiq™ that helps you do the above and more.

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