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Jan 12 · 1 min read

Laravel 6 Installation Step By Step

Laravel Requirements

  1. Xampp / Wamp / PHP Install with MySQL (PHP >= 7.1.3)
  2. Composer Software
  3. Browser (example Chrome)

4. Code Editor (Sublime Software)

Step 1. Xampp / Wamp / PHP Install with MySQL (PHP >= 7.1.3)

A.Xampp Download Link

B.Wamp Download Link

C.Php Download Link

with MySQL

There are above option select one software in A, B and C option

Step 2.Composer Software

Step 3.Code Editor (Sublime Software Option)

There are ready programming in Laravel and Installation

Step 4.Laravel Installation

By using composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel YOUR PROJECT NAME

Above command can latest version of larval install in PC

This command on a terminal of Windows PC

Congratulation install your project

Check larval install open terminal of location install laravel project used command

php artisan serve



See to your project running

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