My Brain on Writing — I

As I write, I wonder about the several thousand interlinkages occurring in my brain. I gape at the miraculous speed with which emotion, memory and language interact with each other. As I speak, neural networks are activating in different parts of my brain resulting in me experiencing things like awe, boredom or disgust. When I write, in turn, they physically produce something — electrical, chemical — that potentially invokes the same emotions, and creates similar imagery in you. The whole — this writing — is more than the sum of the parts. It seems to ‘emerge’ from the physical interplay among nervous tissue, from the tendency of electrical and chemical energy to take on practiced paths.

When I write, I first, consciously, activate certain physical neural pathways, that creates this writing. Memory is triggered to form an imagery, then come the logical interlinks, and then the impulses are transferred to my somatic nervous system that tells my fingers to type in this certain way. Finally, it all communicates a certain meaning. It could be a question that in turn provokes your brain to first receive the visual information, to process and interpret it and then send it on further to trigger impulses to the frontal lobe of your brain where you can now consider whether or not you agree with me; whether I have given you sufficient information or not; whether you want to throw this whole thing away and do something else altogether.

So, do I create my reality or does my brain? As a writer, do I enable you to create a certain reality or does your brain? Am I my brain? Then what is will? What is the conscious impulse that alerts different parts of my brain that I am now going to write, and so, please trigger accordingly? Who, in a moment of calm contemplation on my study table, decides to now call upon a certain memory or induce a certain emotion in order to write?