False Choices
Brian Harrington

It Happened Again

Last night (Aug 4th), Don Boyajian was on Capital Tonight with Liz Benjamin. After some initial discussion around fundraising and biographical information, Ms. Benjamin asked Mr. Boyajian about “the issues.” She went right back to the same check list she used with Ms. Wilson (guns, abortion, and opinion on national Democratic leadership).

Again, an opportunity to have a discussion with a candidate about jobs, infrastructure, economic development, agriculture, housing, healthcare, consumer empowerment, environmental stewardship, or the economic security of families was sidestepped for guns, abortion, and Nancy Pelosi.

The media needs to be better than this, but candidates need to begin to evolve and be prepared with stronger answers on these three issues. Candidates also need to be willing to push back against oversimplification. Discuss the complexities on these three issues, but then point out that there are many other issues (non-wedge issues) that are just as, if not more, critical to the welfare of upstate NY. Then, pivot, hit those issues and remind everyone how Rep. Stefanik, the Republican establishment, and the monied interests that support them have a set of values that do not align with the interests of NY21.