The Immigration Crisis In Europe


The immigration crisis in Europe has proved to become a greater issue given the circumstances that are occuring in the Middle East. Sweden democrats are not taking too kindly to this because they are running out of run to shelter the refugees seeking a temporary safe haven. The way that BBC is portraying this whole crisis is that it is creating a problem for the European countries and possibly bringing their problems elsewhere instead of helping deal with it hands on. There are pictures of graphs displaying that Sweden has the highest rate of refugees (around 137,000 refugees).


With the largest influx of immigrants in Europe since World War II, Hungary has declared a state of emergency following all of the recent conflicts occuring in the Middle East. The migrants attempting the find a better home in Europe are being denied at 2 of 7 border points along Hungary. While some are getting past, others are stuck between Hungary and Serbia. Hungary is enforcing laws that prevent immigrants from crossing the border, and also setting up razor wire fences to help keep the migrants out of Hungary.

The public may look at this from pessimistic, yet real view given the circumstances of the problem. Nothing that is happening is positive by any standards, which makes this a difficult conflict for both ends. There will always be people not having a place to go, and that will always result in a controversial event. Given the current state of western Middle East, the problem does not seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon.

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